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5 Reasons you’ll love Thycotic’s Free Privileged Password Security Policy Template

Written by Thycotic Team

November 16th, 2015

Privileged accounts are a favorite target for hackers—it’s critical that your organization’s IT Admins have a password protection policy in place to prevent attacks. So Thycotic and Information Shield partnered to create an easy-to-use, free password security policy template for organizations that do not yet have an official privileged account management policy.

Don’t have a secure password policy yet? Here are 5 reasons you’ll love our free Password Security Policy Template.

1.) Protect your ‘Keys to the Kingdom’.

In a recent study conducted by IANS Research Institute, 62% of breaches resulted from privileged account abuse. Every organization needs a policy to protect its privileged account passwords. You’ll save hours of effort by using this template to create or update your company’s privileged account policy to current security standards.

2.) Completely customizable.

The policy template is a Word document containing over 40 pre-written security statements that you can customize to meet your organization’s security requirements. Simply add your company-specific information and edit the template to suit your needs. Then modify and distribute as needed.

3.) Compliant with current security regulations and industry-specific standards.

Each statement is fully compliant with current security standards and regulations and was developed according to best practice standards from SANS, NIST, GLBA, ISO17799, ISO9000 and more. This means your organization can be readily compliant without the time-consuming research and analysis involved in creating a privileged account policy from scratch.

4.) Easy to enforce with Thycotic Secret Server.

Publish your own Privileged Password Security Policy with the template—and simultaneously enforce your policies with Thycotic Secret Server. Secret Server enables you to enforce privileged account security policies immediately through the automation of routine password changes, discovery of accounts, full auditing and logging of privileged account usage, and workflow options such as one-time passwords.

5.) It’s FREE!

If you’re not convinced, download Thycotic’s Privileged Password Security Policy Template right now, at no cost. Give it a try and tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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