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Go from Last to First: Why Thycotic is the #1 Password Management Tool chosen by IT admins

Written by Thycotic Team

October 9th, 2015

It’s no surprise that passwords are the number one target for attackers to achieve success during any data breach. Password management has been a major discussion for IT professionals for years, and as the battle between efficiency and security rages on between security and operations teams, the idea of password management often becomes a point of contention if a solution cannot be reached.

As IT pros seek out tools to help make their jobs easier and more efficient, security teams are consistently cracking down on how administrators are individually managing passwords for strict auditing and compliance mandates.

IT admins frequently download free or low cost individual tools to help make their daily work flow a bit easier. This includes making use of individual end-user focused password lockers or password storage tools like LastPass or KeePass to store and quickly access credentials used on a daily basis. The problem with this is that these tools are often built for end-users or extremely small teams and lack the true auditing, management and access control capabilities sought after by security teams to ensure compliance is met and vulnerabilities are mitigated. Even if security teams adopt an enterprise solution, if it isn’t designed for usage by IT admins or helps increase efficiency in their daily operations, there’s an increased risk that the admin will ignore the enterprise solution and revert back to the free tool instead.

Instead, IT professionals and organizations looking to get better control of their sensitive account passwords should look into enterprise solutions that are built for the IT admin specifically and can scale regardless of the size of IT teams or scope of accounts that need password protection.

More than over 10,000 customers across the world have chosen Thycotic to effectively manage their privileged account passwords and sensitive credentials. Our solution was built to make the IT admin’s life easier while enforcing strong security policies for auditing and compliance standards. The solution is lightweight yet enterprise class, can be installed in a few minutes, and has a customizable UI that allows admins to create dashboards to ensure the sharing, access control and rotation of sensitive account passwords is easier than before – all while remaining extremely secure and compliant with strong auditing, monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Thycotic supports the widest variety of users in the identity and access management space; from individual IT pros just getting started with managing account passwords to small and mid-market IT teams all the way up to global enterprises with thousands of IT users across large distributed networks.

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