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New Active Directory Synchronization Upgrade to Password Reset Server

Written by Thycotic Team

July 28th, 2015

You asked, and we listened! We are excited to release a highly requested customization feature—the ability to schedule what time Active Directory Synchronizations run, plus we added a few other enhancements we think you’re going to like.

When Should Active Directory Synchronization Run?

Administrators can now choose what time Active Directory Synchronization will run and how often. The next synchronization time is displayed on the configuration page so administrators can clearly see the next time a scheduled synchronization will occur. The duration of the last synchronization is also shown so that this can be taken into account when deciding how often synchronization should occur. In addition, administrators can now also set the application to synchronize Active Directory whenever a newly added Active Directory user logs in to Password Reset Server.

False Positive Login Failures

Issues regarding login failures have been addressed, including a single login failure counting as multiple towards CAPTCHA and/or local account lockout in Password Reset Server. In addition, it no longer counts as a login failure when a user attempts to log in, but needs to change his password upon doing so.

Unlocking Accounts via Help Desk

If a user becomes locked out of Password Reset Server, Help Desk users will now be able to unlock that user’s account without having to reset its password.

Send us your Feature Requests

We are always trying to improve Password Reset Server. Share your top feature requests in the comments section below.


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