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Real Time Security with Secret Server and BalaBit IT

June 12th, 2014

Since Thycotic started in 1996 as an IT consulting company we’ve kept to our roots by listening to customer feedback before implementation, new features and integrations. Based on this feedback, we’ve added many proactive security features to Secret Server over the last few years, things like custom reports and detailed auditing, role-based access, session recording, and SIEM Integration. The result is that we are able to provide proactive and defensive security.

With that in mind, Thycotic is pleased to announce our integration with BalaBit’s Shell Control Box. The Shell Control Box is an activity monitoring appliance that sits on your network, transparently controlling privileged access to your servers and recording activity across your network in a movie-type audit. The Shell Control Box monitors activity on your network in real-time, looking for suspicious actions such as risky console commands,  unwanted windows, or  exposure of sensitive information. With this information the Shell Control Box can create detailed user reports, generate real-time alerts via email, send them out to your SIEM tool, and even automatically terminate connections.

Our integration combines Thycotic Secret Server’s password management and access control with Shell Control Box’s active session monitoring. This is a powerful addition, especially for companies already using Secret Server’s session monitoring and management features, and that want to automate the session management process.

Learn more about BalaBit Shell Control Box here. For those not yet using Secret Server’s session management options, learn more in our previous blog post.


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