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Limited time only: Secret Server Express Edition 100 users, 1000 Secrets 5 reasons to switch your password manager

It’s no secret – managing IT passwords is a major hassle. Spreadsheets are a temporary bandage to a bigger security issue, and simple password vaults don’t scale to meet the real security needs of an IT team.

Security, team sharing and scalability are important points when picking your IT password management tool. With our limited-time offer of Secret Server Express edition with expanded users and Secrets (what we call credentials in the tool), we want to give you 5 reasons to seriously consider switching to the Express edition of our enterprise-class password management tool.

1.) You’re sick of using spreadsheets to manage IT passwords. Spreadsheets are the security bane of any IT team’s existence. With all of the shared credentials stored in a single encrypted spreadsheet, there’s no way to separate accounts out based on team member needs. Plus, once that spreadsheet is hacked you can say goodbye to your network. The eggs have been successfully swiped from the basket.

2.) People are still using “Password” for shared admin credentials. Weak passwords are often the culprit of compromised accounts. Generating strong, complicated passwords adds a layer of protection to managing privileged accounts.

3.) Half of your team writes passwords down on sticky notes. Do we even have to elaborate here? It’s the 21st century…c’mon people!

4.) Our Express edition costs a whopping $10. A year. Yup. We’re not kidding. And if you buy before Friday, April 25, 2014, you lock in expanded users and Secrets (100 users and 1,000 Secrets). Oh, and the yearly fee goes directly to support our community charity partner Reading is Fundamental, the nation’s largest non-profit child literacy organization.

5.) We scale as your security needs grow. Eventually you may need to meet compliance mandates and enforce more complex security practices around managing privileged accounts and identities. When you buy a simple tool, you’ll have to shop around for a more robust solution later on. Express edition scales into any of our enterprise-grade editions swiftly and easily, reducing time and effort in strengthening your security posture – from small business to the enterprise.

So, do you think it’s time to switch? Try Secret Server Express today and let us know what you think.

Express edition offer of 100 users and 1,000 Secrets is good through Friday, April 25, 2014. Purchases made by this date are guaranteed the higher user and Secret limits, even when you renew each year. Purchases after April 25, 2014 will receive the standard 10 users and 100 Secret limits.

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