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Integrating Your Ticketing System in Secret Server

Written by Thycotic Team

June 14th, 2013

Secret Server can integrate with any web ticketing system. This allows you to tie specific Secret views to an item in your existing ticketing system. It does so by first validating that the ticket number given to Secret Server matches the pattern of your ticketing system. Secret Server will then use the ticket number to generate a link from the Secret Audit straight to the actual ticket.

The major benefit of integrating Secret Server with your ticketing system is that it helps create a stronger audit trail on more sensitive Secrets. This is done by requiring that a ticket number be added each time a Secret is viewed. This forces users to have a traceable component when accessing certain Secrets. It also allows administrators to view the audit of the Secret and click a link to go directly to the ticket in the ticketing system.


Setting up the integration is simple. First, visit Administration > Configuration > Ticket System. Once here, enable the integration by selecting the checkbox and then insert the URL template for your ticketing system. Next, you will want to enter the Regex that Secret Server will use to validate the ticket number that a user would input. Finally, you have the option to customize the message for an invalid ticket number and require users to enter a ticket number. Now, any Secret with Require Comment or Require Approval for Access will have a section to input a ticket number.