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Creating Custom Reports in Secret Server

Written by Thycotic Team

August 30th, 2012

Updated December 2020

This blog post was originally written in 2012.  For the most up to date information on Secret Server’s Reporting capabilities, please visit:

Secret Server Features Page: Our features are among the reasons so many IT Admins and IT Security pros consider Secret Server the best Privileged Access Management software in the market.  Find information on the key features available in each version of Secret Server.

Getting Started Tutorial: Secret Server is a powerful solution with many facets. As such, we have created this guide, which is an introductory tutorial for new users. The tutorial suggests an order to learn topics and points to specific sections for more detail.  This tutorial is oriented toward system administrators and other technical professionals. We recommend that non-technical users start with our End User Guide (link above).

Reporting is a crucial component of your privileged access management program. Security and IT operations teams must be able to understand how well policies are followed and identify gaps that must be addressed. Secret Server reporting capabilities help you visualize and analyze the progress of your PAM program and share results that demonstrate compliance.

In its 2020 Wave for Privilege Identity Management, Forrester Research underscores that “…solutions should provide centralized dashboards and reporting along with analytics to correlate across different solutions to discover privileged access blind spots and detect threats.”

Among the 10 vendors included in the 2020 Wave, Thycotic Secret Server received the second highest ranking for the criterion “Insights and Reporting” due to our built-in and custom reports.

In addition to our many out-of-the-box reports, you can also create custom reports with to meet your unique needs. Secret Server’s reports are SQL based, which provides a standard and easily testable way to retrieve data from the database using queries. Secret Server reports can be scheduled to update the appropriate team regularly.

How to create custom reports

See this KnowledgeBase article for detailed instructions on creating custom reports in Secret Server. You’ll learn how to use dynamic parameters and reporting schema, and how to schedule reports.

Secret Server users who aren’t familiar with SQL reporting and want to build custom reports may also make a Custom Report Request from Thycotic Support.