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Secret Server version 7.8.000061 Released!

A new release for Secret Server is now available.  For full details, view the official release notes available here:  /Secretserver_releasenotes.html

Secret Server Release version 7.8.000061 is primarily about reporting features and enhancements.  The big announcement is Scheduled Reports.  Secret Server Administrators can now schedule their reports and also have them emailed to a subscription list.  Additionally, a feature called “Health Checks” has been built into Scheduled Reports.  Health Checks allows “if-then” scheduling for reports that should be delivered when user-defined conditions are met.  New parameters #STARTWEEK and #ENDWEEK have been added to the list of dynamic Report parameters.

Other features found in the new release include changes to make Active Directory Synchronization easier when dealing with large Domains.  We also added an Event Subscription for notification messages based on license expiration.  Cosmetic changes can be found throughout the application concerning search controls and maintaining consistency between different parts of Secret Server.  Aside from a short list of self-explanatory bug fixes, the Inactivity Timeout enhancement is the last notable addition.  Inactivity Timeout should now work when closing only browser tabs, but not the browser.  Specifically, when users have multiple tabs open for Secret Server, activity in any one tab will prevent a timeout.


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