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Secret Server 4.0

We are happy to announce that Secret Server 4.0 is scheduled for release on December 21st.

Search Panel One of the features that is often requested is the ability to search a folder *and* its sub-folders. Starting in 4.0, this feature will be available. On the home page, there will be a checkbox in the search region that will allow you to search in a folder’s children. Also, the performance of searching has been improved by reducing some of the logic needed.

One of the other features that we will be in 4.0 is inherited permissions for folders. With the confusion of how folder permissions currently work, we think this will allow users to better manage their secrets while also working more as expected (more like operating system permissions). Starting in 4.0, you can optionally inherit permissions from parent folders, and a secret can now inherit permissions from a folder. Say, if you choose to have a secret inherit permissions from it’s folder, it will also get the permissions from that folder, and all of it’s parents. If the parents’ folder permission changes, the new permissions will reflect on that secret.

Secret Server 4.0 is shaping up to be the biggest release of Secret Server yet, and we’re excited about the cool new features!

— Kevin

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