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World Password Day 2018
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  1. Submit your information in the form provided to the right.
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Top Security Tips from Security Pros Like You

There’s no such thing as too much testing”

For older users, or users who do not do well remembering multiple passwords: take a short password, swap out two characters (making one a symbol and one a number), Capitolize it, and repeat the word twice. For example, your grandchilds name is Richard. your password is R1ch@rdR1ch@rd.Not the most secure password (obvious references to family), but it meets complexity requirements and reduces the likelihood of the user writing it down and sticking it to the monitor.”

Think onion! Lots of layers and will make them cry!”

If you aren’t drawn to it….Don’t do it”

Submissions close on Wednesday May 29, 2018. The winner will be announced on Thycotic Social Media May 31, 2018 at 1PM EDT!