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2014 IANS and Thycotic Report

Privileged Users and Data Breaches: A Match Made in Heaven?

How do attackers succeed?

The list of major data breaches keeps getting longer every day. Organizations both large and small are being targeted aggressively by hacktivists, nation state actors, organized criminal teams, and more. Many organizations are also beginning to realize that attackers aren’t focused solely on monetary gain anymore. Rather, they are looking more for intellectual property, blackmail and extortion opportunities, and compromised systems to add to their growing botnets.1

Find out the state of organizations’ privileged user management strategies and their effectiveness at securing corporate information and accounts.

Privileged Account Abuse - IANS and Thycotic Breach Survey

1Privileged Users and Data Breaches: A Match Made in Heaven? September 2014. Thycotic and IANS.

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