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Live Webinars


Self Service Password Resets: See how Thycotic makes it so much easier and more secure
Thursday, April 28th | 1:00 PM ET
Employee workstations are a primary target for attackers these days. And unsuspecting employees may disclose their Active Directory passwords or choose weak passwords that can be easily hacked with brute force. But all too often, enforcing strong AD passwords and password rotation requires added help desk assistance. Employees get frustrated trying to get work done, while the help desk struggles to keep up with password reset requests. Join us for this webinar to see a live demonstration of how Thycotic Password Reset Server 5.0 saves you time and effort managing self-service password resets. Learn how any Windows AD login can be reset, including offline resets, and how your employees can keep their AD attributes up to date securely —without burdening your help desk.


How to implement least privilege access for Unix admin users
Thursday, May 12th | 1:00 PM ET
A recent US Cert Alert recommends restricting users’ permissions to install and run unwanted software applications, and apply the principle of “Least Privilege” to all systems and services. But many Unix/Linux admin users needing a root or sudo to perform a privileged task often end up with full system access—a significant security risk that every organization needs to minimize or eliminate.

Join Thycotic’s Secret Server Product Manager Ben Yoder, to learn how you can enforce greater control over what you admin users can do with root by leveraging Secret Server’s new Privilege Manager for Unix module. You’ll see how you can delegate privileged tasks to let users run specific jobs as root, without the security risk of giving them full control.


See how you compare: Privileged Account Vulnerability Benchmark Survey Results
Thursday, May 26th | 10:00 AM ET
Join Thycotic Product Manager Joseph Carson as he reviews the results of a recent groundbreaking benchmark survey on the global state of privileged account security risks. Joseph will discuss the survey results and their implications for how organizations should be protecting their “keys to the kingdom.”

Some of the startling results and major risks to be reviewed and discussed include:

•60% of companies still manually manage their privilege accounts.
•1 out of 5 of companies have not bothered to change their default privileged account passwords.
•30% of companies have no formal password controls and frequently allow accounts and passwords to be shared.
•70% require no formal approval for creating a privileged account.
Gain new insights into the global state of privileged account security and controls, and get the evidence you need to make a case for improving your own privileged account management and security practices.


Best Practices for Disaster Recovery and Geo Replication
Thursday, June 9th | 1:00 PM ET
Establishing a set of procedures to recover data and maintain operations during a hardware failure, natural disaster, or other unforeseen circumstances, is mandatory for most businesses and institutions these days. But did you know that Secret Server can help System Administrators by storing and securing critical infrastructure data including admin-level credentials and important documents or files?

Join Thycotic Secret Server expert Ashley Allen, to learn how you can secure and quickly recover critical credentials in the event of a disaster. Ashley will walk you through Secret Server’s extensive list of features that are specifically designed to help you restore processes, along with explaining useful methods for achieving business continuity during disaster scenarios.


How real-time threat analysis with ACS can protect you from zero day attacks
Thursday, June 23rd | 1:00 PM ET
See how Thycotic’s Application Control Solution (ACS) provides real-time threat analysis with automated alert notifications to significantly reduce your risk from zero-day attacks. This webinar will give you a demonstration of attack scenarios where Application Control Solution can examine a known or unknown application’s reputation in real-time regardless of whether it is white- or black-listed. It can then either allow or block that application from running, and automatically alert security personnel if a threat has been detected.

Join Thycotic Product Manager Ed Breay as he demos several scenarios that show how Thycotic’s Application Control Solution:

•Prevents an unsuspecting user from running an infected application
•Examines a “bad” application’s by reputation and generates an alert on the Splunk console showing the file details
•Blocks a suspect application and notifies the user that the application is disallowed

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On-Demand Webinars

Pass the Hash 15 Minute Crash Course by Jonathan Cogley

Pass the Hash: 15 Minute Crash Course
MAY 5th 2015
Join Jonathan Cogley, CEO at Thycotic, for a crash course in Pass the Hash attacks. Find out how they happen, ways newer versions of Windows help protect against them, and other steps you can take to protect your organization. Recorded live at Microsoft Ignite 2015.

Thycotic Webinars - Controlling the Password Kingdom

As an IT admin, how do I control my password kingdom?
March 19th 2015
You have your kingdom of servers, accounts, devices, and also many responsibilities. You want to know that it all works, no accounts or devices are missed, and you want to delegate occasionally so you can actually take a vacation. A few pretty reports during auditor time of the year would be nice too. Join Ben Yoder (Product Manager) and Nathan Wenzler (Senior Technology Evangelist) as they walk through configuring your view and controls in Thycotic Secret Server to make life a bit easier and give you some peace of mind.

Sami Laiho Senior Technical Fellow

Proactive Security beats Reactive Security with Microsoft MVP, Sami Laiho
MAY 8th 2014
Did you see the news about the latest zero-day attack using RTF-files? Yet again an example where no harm is done if you have your proactive security measures are in place. In fact, all of the biggest zero-attacks in the last decade have been of such nature that even without an anti-malware solution you could have avoided the worst consequences if you just had your proactive security done right. If a user has admin rights he/she can turn off the protective measures so this is the most important thing to do right and get rid of the excessive user permission. You can control admins with policies can’t you? No, you cannot, and in this session you’ll see how admins can turn off all policies in a heartbeat. After you’re done getting rid of admin rights you need to implement stuff like firewalls, IPsec, Software Resctriction policies and disk encryption. And yes, you also need a reactive solution like an anti-malware on top of the more important proactive measures. Reactive security reacts to found threats as proactive prevents you from getting them in the first place. Join this session and let one of the leading OS and Security Experts, Sami Laiho, show you how to build a proactive security solution that’s always up to date. No longer rely on someone else finding fingerprints and keeping your security up to date!

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