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How To Develop A Strong Privileged Account Management Plan
Thursday, August 4 | 10:00 AM BST

What is Privileged Account Management? Privileged accounts are the # 1 target for hackers and malicious insiders today. Once bad actors have “the keys to your kingdom” they have complete access to, and control of, the IT infrastructure, core systems and applications, as well as critical business and customer data.

Join this webinar to find out how Thycotic can help you solve this IT challenge. Who should attend? Anyone involved with IT Security, CISO’s, IT Director’s, IT Administrators, Partners.


Using Excel to store privileged account passwords? You’ve probably already been breached.
Tuesday, August 9 | 10:00 AM ET

Many organizations and IT Administrators still use Excel spreadsheets to store privileged account passwords and share them between key staff members so they can gain access to important and critical systems. Yet this entrenched practice of storing sensitive passwords and credentials in a spreadsheet is a major security risk and should be avoided at all costs. In fact, your systems may already have been breached with this practice and you don’t even know it.

Join Thycotic Product Manager, Joseph Carson, as he highlights why and how you should eliminate the unnecessary risks around using Excel to manage privileged passwords including:

• Why Excel was never intended to be a Password Management Solution
• The lack of built-in security with spreadsheets
• Excel risks for data loss, security updates and transportability
• How you can eliminate these risks with automated PAM solutions

Everyone registered will receive a free white paper describing the risks with using Excel and how to eliminate them.


Reduce your risk from zero day attacks with an automated application control solution
Thursday, August 11 | 1:00 PM ET

Get real-time threat analysis with automated alert notifications to significantly reduce your risk from zero-day attacks. Join Thycotic’s cyber security expert Joseph Carson as he demonstrates different attack scenarios. You will see real world examples of how Thycotic’s Application Control Solution examines the reputation of a known or unknown application in real-time, and determines automatically whether it is white-or black-listed. Learn how you can implement a “least privilege” access strategy with automated privileged access solutions from Thycotic.


Meeting the special security needs of MSPs with Thycotic PAM solutions
Thursday, August 25 | 1:00 PM ET

As a Managed Service Provider you are responsible for managing your client’s sensitive privileged credentials. If compromised, the integrity of your organization is compromised. With Thycotic’s Privileged Account Management solution, MSP’s can increase not only their security, but they can increase productivity by properly managing and securing privileged accounts.

Join Thycotic’s Engineer Dan Ritch as he highlights MSP scenarios that illustrate how you can increase security and productivity with an automated password management solution enabling you to

·        Easily deploy and organize different client sites

·        Integrate Secret Server with other leading MSP software solutions

·        Manage day-to-day operations for secure access to client data even when offline


How to minimize Help Desk calls with Password Reset Server
Thursday, September 22 | 1:00 PM ET

Minimizing Help Desk calls can save significant amounts of time and money. Learn how Thycotic self-service password reset tool for end-users can simplify your password management. By allowing employees to reset their forgotten Active Directory passwords directly from the web or Windows login screen, Password Reset Server can drastically cut Help Desk calls and reduce costs.

Thycotic technical engineer Ashley Allen will demonstrate how Password Reset Server can work for you including:

·        How to implement an end-user password reset solution and receive buy in

·        Review Password Reset Server security controls and auditing capabilities

·        Key ways to improve your organization’s efficiency and bottom line


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