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Join us as we bring together thought leaders, industry experts, security architects and more
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and how to make the most out of using Thycotic solutions.

Live Webinars

VMworld Survey Report: Complexity biggest obstacle to security tool effectiveness
Thursday, October 25 | 11:00 AM EDT

Given the growing shortage of skilled cyber security staff—and the traditional conflicts between cyber security and IT operations—it’s imperative that cyber security tools not only help to automate key processes, but they must be adopted and embraced by IT Ops people to function effectively. Join Dan Ritch, as he explores the key takeaways from attendees at the 2018 VMworld conference, including:

  •  Recommendations to avoid security tools that are complex to deploy and difficult to use by IT Ops teams.
  • Why cyber security professionals should get input from IT Ops team users when making decisions about which tools to purchase and deploy.
  • The key selection criteria to make PAM, Least Privilege and Application Control tools more effective.


5 Expert Tips on Choosing the Right Privileged Access Management Software
Thursday, November 29 | 11:00 AM EDT

You’ve been tasked with finding the right security solution for your organization. People are counting on you and a lot is on the line. Will the solution you choose boost productivity or become an expensive time sink left on the shelf?

Join Thycotic Product Manager Dan Ritch, as he explains how to choose the best PAM software for your organization. He’ll start by covering the pros and cons of a Cloud or On-prem PAM solution. Then explore the key questions to ask during your evaluation, including:

1.) How quickly can you get a PAM solution up and running?
2.) How long will it take you to achieve return on your investment?
3.) Is the user interface easy to navigate?
4.) Does it integrate with other solutions such as SIEM or ticketing systems?

See why “easy” matters—at all levels of PAM functionality.

Every attendee will receive a free copy of “Is this Software Easy?” checklist.


Top 5 Cyber Security Predictions for 2019
Thursday, December 13 | 11:00 AM EDT

As 2018 comes to a close, some of the major breaches and cyber security decisions will live on and have a major impact into next year. We saw some promising cyber security advances including privacy updates around GDPR. But, we also witnessed several serious information leaks including a breach at the data aggregation firm Exactis which exposed over 340 million consumer records. Can we expect to make better progress defending our sensitive data from attackers in 2019?

Thycotic’s Chief Cyber Security Scientist, Joseph Carson, will follow the timeline of major cyber security events in 2018, and then highlight his top 5 cyber security predictions around, IoT, cloud security, the future of Privilege Access Management and more.



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Introduction to Thycotic Privilege Manager

Wednesday, October 31
2:00 PM EDT

Introduction to Thycotic Privilege Manager

Wednesday, November 14
2:00 PM EDT

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On-Demand Webinars

Passwords or Passphrases: How fast can your password be cracked?

“Your password should be 12 characters long, contain at least 1 upper case, 1 lower case, 2 numbers, and 1 special character. You can’t use the same letter twice, you can’t use letters in your username, your password can’t rhyme with the word dog, and all characters can’t be from only one side of the keyboard.”

How many password requirements is too many? And when do those requirements actually start weakening your passwords? Better yet, how fast can those passwords be cracked?

There are many myths and misconceptions around passwords and their strength, and how challenging it is to crack them. In this webinar we’re going to:

  • Dive into some examples and research around the true strength of passwords
  • Review the NIST’s proposed changes to password policy recommendations
  • Provide you with some easy ways to strengthen your password practices
  • Explore tools that help you determine whether your current password policies have already led to weak passwords on your network


Anatomy of a Privileged Account Hack: How to Spot it. How to Stop it.

Join Thycotic with a panel of cybersecurity experts as we explain and demonstrate how easy it is for someone to gain access to, and compromise, your domain controller. Our panel will discuss the complete lifecycle of a modern-day cybersecurity breach, from the very simple hack to the very sophisticated infiltration of a network.

Don’t miss this panel discussion to learn:

  • How easy is it to take over any basic privileged account
  • How that basic account can be used to elevate privileges and move laterally through a network
  • How attackers can quickly make their way to your domain controller and other critical systems
  • Key steps to prevent privileged account hacks


Secret Server as a Service: How to Maximize PAM Success at Enterprise Scale

Join Thycotic and a Sr. Systems Administrator from cyber security leader FireEye to see how you can leverage the full capabilities and protection of Secret Server across an enterprise-scale environment. We will walk you through a real -world scenario that demonstrates how to set up Secret Server to scale in your organization. You’ll get best practice tips on how Secret Server can be used not only to enhance security but actually improve the productivity of various departments in your organization.

Register now to learn how you can:

  • Plan an enterprise scale Secret Server deployment
  • Implement best practice tips for folder structure
  • Increase adoption across your organization during deployment


World Password Day Tips: 10 Common Password Mistakes to Avoid in 2018

This World Password Day join Thycotic Chief Security Scientist Joseph Carson as he shares the ‘secret’ formula to a secure password and overall password management plan based on the latest 2018 research.  Password best practices have evolved and changed, so this is your opportunity to stay a step ahead of hackers by learning:

  • The do’s and don’ts of password security based on the latest 2018 InfoSec research
  • How to avoid the 10 most common password mistakes
  • How best to respond to a password breach and get back to business

PLUS: Every attendee will receive a free hard-copy of Joseph’s new “Cybersecurity for Dummies” book covering the top ways to reduce your online risks, and best practices to protect yourself at work and home.

Check your own password savvy with this Free Password Strength Checker


BREACHED! Implementing Incident Response for a Compromised Credential

With 80% of breaches involving compromised credentials, the pace and scope of cyber-attacks continue to accelerate along with the cost of a breach. Join cybersecurity expert Joseph Carson as he takes you from the moment you realize you’ve been breached, to getting back to business with an enterprise-wide privileged account management solution.

You will learn how to:

• Respond to a compromised credential

• Identify your privileged account weaknesses and create an automated approach to Privileged Access Management

• Set up early warning alerts of potential account compromise