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Live Webinars

How to Eliminate Security Risks from Contractors You Hire
Thursday, July 20 | 11:00 AM ET

Many security breaches were the result of attackers compromising 3rd party vendors and contractors. Every day you are opening the doors to your business to people that are not directly on your payroll, and don’t always have your security best practices in mind.  It’s important to take the necessary steps to reduce the threat level of 3rd party contractors that are accessing your network.  Thycotic can show you how to accomplish this, ensuring not only high levels of control and protection but also in-depth visibility into the work they do while on your network.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • About the major breaches caused by 3rd parties
  • How you can control 3rd party access for better security
  • That visibility into their actions is possible and auditable


You Just Got Hacked by a Colleague: How to Stop Insider Threats
Thursday, August 10 | 11:00 AM ET

Whether working on your network or remotely, your colleagues know the ins and outs of your network and your system’s biggest weaknesses. To safeguard against insider abuse or misuse, you need a security plan in place to monitor and control access to privileged accounts—the keys to your kingdom.

Join cybersecurity expert Joseph Carson as he demonstrates how to combine privileged account management and privileged user analytics to deliver an actionable plan to immediately detect and combat insider threats.

You will learn:

• How to set up alerts for anomalous behaviors that call for immediate action
• What to look for in detecting insider threats early
• What actions to take after an insider threat occurs


Incident Response: Best practices to manage cyber breaches
Thursday, August 24 | 11:00 AM ET

Every second after a breach is critical to the survival of your company. In today’s world, every organization no matter how large or small needs an Incident Response plan in place to quickly manage and address the consequences of a breach. According to The SANS Institute, “More than one-quarter of IR professionals (26%) are dissatisfied with their current organization’s IR capabilities, calling them ineffective.” Are you prepared with an effective IR plan?

Join Thycotic security expert Joseph Carson as he demonstrates a security breach event through role-playing and how to best respond.

You will gain insights into:

• How to develop an effective and comprehensive Incident Response Plan
• Proven processes to manage detection and remediation of lost data
• The critical actions companies often fail to execute following a breach


Staying ahead of the compliance whirlwind: HIPPA, PCI, GDPR and more…
Thursday, September 7 | 11:00 AM ET

Meeting the constantly changing provisions of HIPPA, PCI and GDPR consumes valuable IT resources. Yet, failing to keep up can result in hefty fines or worse.

Join Thycotic Senior Director of Product Development, Jai Dargan as he highlights the latest changes in major regulatory compliance that your organization must implement to satisfy auditors and reduce the risk to your organization from legal liabilities.

You will learn how to:

• Stay on top of security and compliance requirements without sacrificing productivity
• Develop a formal plan to handle and incorporate future compliance changes
• Implement an automated approach to compliance reporting



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On-Demand Webinars

5 Free PAM Tools Cybersecurity Professionals Live For

Get a quick overview of the latest cyber security tools that can help transform your PAM security program. You will save time and money while improving the protection of your privileged account passwords with these Free PAM security tools and training:

  • Secret Server Free – The fastest to deploy, easiest to use privileged access password security solution in a free edition.
  • Password Security Policy Template – Privileged account password security policy templates ready to customize, and help demonstrate compliance.
  • Windows Endpoint Application Discovery Tool- Identifies the riskiest applications running in your environment with reports that help you evaluate their potential risks.
  • Windows and Unix Privileged Account Discovery Tool – Saves you hours of effort in locating unknown and therefore unprotected privileged accounts.
  • Privileged Password Security Certification Training – One hour, online Privileged Password Security Training teaches you the basics of privileged account security.


Passwords or Passphrases: How fast can your password be cracked?

“Your password should be 12 characters long, contain at least 1 upper case, 1 lower case, 2 numbers, and 1 special character. You can’t use the same letter twice, you can’t use letters in your username, your password can’t rhyme with the word dog, and all characters can’t be from only one side of the keyboard.”

How many password requirements is too many? And when do those requirements actually start weakening your passwords? Better yet, how fast can those passwords be cracked?

There are many myths and misconceptions around passwords and their strength, and how challenging it is to crack them. In this webinar we’re going to:

  • Dive into some examples and research around the true strength of passwords
  • Review the NIST’s proposed changes to password policy recommendations
  • Provide you with some easy ways to strengthen your password practices
  • Explore tools that help you determine whether your current password policies have already led to weak passwords on your network


Using Excel to store privileged account passwords? You’ve probably already been breached.

Many organizations and IT Administrators still use Excel spreadsheets to store passwords in privileged accounts and share them between key staff members so they can gain access to important and critical systems. Yet this entrenched practice of storing sensitive passwords and credentials in a spreadsheet is a major security risk and should be avoided at all costs. In fact, your systems may already have been breached with this practice and you don’t even know it.

Join Thycotic Product Manager, Joseph Carson, as he highlights why and how you should eliminate the unnecessary risks around using Excel to manage privileged passwords including:

• Why Excel was never intended to be a Password Management Solution
• The lack of built-in security with spreadsheets
• Excel risks for data loss, security updates and transportability
• How you can eliminate these risks with automated PAM solutions

Everyone registered will receive a free white paper describing the risks with using Excel and how to eliminate them.


The Shortfall in Privileged Account Security – and what organizations can do about it

According to the 2016 Verizon Data Breach Report, 63% of confirmed data breaches involved leveraging weak, default or stolen passwords.

Thycotic a provider of privileged account management solutions for 7,500+ organizations worldwide, in conjunction with Cybersecurity Ventures, a research, and market intelligence firm, launched a ground-breaking online Privileged Password Vulnerability Benchmark survey taken by 600+ organization from around the globe to learn why 63% of the data breaches involved privileged accounts.

We found that 52% of the companies who participated in the benchmark survey received a failing grade on the enforcement of privileged credential controls.

Join Thycotic in a 45-minute educational training session that reveals the specific shortcomings in the current state of privileged account security and provides recommendations for how to address the most common failures.


Best security tip you’ll get this year: Limit user privileges

85% of reported breaches involve compromised endpoints according to SANS. Traditional Antivirus and Anti-malware blacklisting can’t keep up with new and advanced threats targeting desktops, laptops and servers.

Join Product Manager, Joseph Carson as he describes how you can lock down endpoints and control application permissions and access with least privilege policies using new Privilege Manager for Windows from Thycotic. You’ll learn how easy and effective it can be to implement a least privilege access policy with an easy, simple and affordable solution: Privilege Manager for Windows and Unix from Thycotic.



October 19th & 20th | Washington DC

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Atlanta, GA | June 5-7, 2017

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Las Vegas, NV | July 26-27, 2017

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Nuremberg, Germany | October, 10-12 2017

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Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit
Las Vegas, NV | November 28-30, 2017