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Thycotic Security Academy

Training & Certification for Thycotic Solutions

Simplified PAM Security

Thycotic’s Security Academy offers a variety of enablement services to ensure your team gets the full benefit of your Thycotic solutions. Usable security is a core value at Thycotic and emphasized throughout Thycotic’s training services to ensure that our customers and partners understand and rapidly master our solutions.

Our team focuses on turning complex topics and concepts into digestible, practical business and cyber security solutions. Cyber security professionals need to understand and implement best practices—not just the “how-to” but also the “why” —to fully capitalize on their investment and fully protect against attacks and breaches. To be effective, usable security, must reach, motivate and empower all stakeholders. Our approach focuses on providing learning options for all levels – from IT professionals who will use Thycotic solutions daily, to those responsible for their on-going management.

Thycotic offers comprehensive educational, training, and certification options with live,
face-to-face options, and on-demand self-paced, digital learning programs.

  • Instructor-Led Training
  • Instructor-Led Training with Hands-on Labs
  • E-learning
  • E-learning with Hands-on Labs
  • Certification
  • Certification with Hands-on Labs

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Training Options
Thycotic’s Instructor-Led Training is fully customized to your organization’s specific use cases, current knowledge, and deployment type. Typical classes include informative presentations, Q&A sessions with a Thycotic expert, and hands-on labs for more advanced learners. Hands-on labs enable participants to easily practice, test and discuss alternative configuration options in a safe, non-production environment or optional on-going sandbox learning and testing.

Thycotic’s Security Academy offers over 100 E-learning courses for a variety of skill levels. Our digital learning programs emphasize self-paced learning for students juggling work, personal, project, cyber security, and training priorities. Each Thycotic course includes a quiz and, when successfully passed, a course completion certificate.

Topics range according to your solution, but sample topics include:

  • Use Cases: Basic and Advanced
  • Installation, Upgrades, & Basic Configurations
  • Best Practices & Security Hardening
  • Auditing, Reporting, & Monitoring
  • Discovery & Workflow
  • APIs, Scripting, & Integrations
Thycotic offers robust certification programs for both Secret Server and Privilege Manager. These certification programs include a rigorous combination of self-paced E-learning, an online certification exam, and hands-on practical challenges. Learn more.