Reduce Help Desk Costs

Help your team reduce help desk costs

Self-service solutions empower your end users and reduce your help desk costs.

Staffing a help desk is a major expense, and can be a drain on resources if enterprises do not proactively use automation and self-service options. Costs are easy to calculate, but can quickly escalate when supporting the entire employee population, especially for repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

Reduce Phone Calls about Password Resets

Fielding a high volume of IT help desk calls about password resets is inefficient for the help desk staff and also for employees who are prevented from doing work while they wait on the IT department for help. In addition, these requests for password resets can come outside of normal business hours, placing additional burden on help desk resources.

  • Providing a self-service portal for password resets through a software solution such as Thycotic’s Password Reset Server has many benefits:

    • End-users can perform their own password resets and eliminate unnecessary help desk calls.
    • Password self-service resets can be a faster option than phone calls and help desk support tickets, reducing employee downtime and frustration.
    • The self-service portal is available 24×7, reducing off-hours burden on the help desk.

Reduce Phone Calls about Access Control and Group Administration

Everything from email lists, SharePoint, file servers, 3rd party applications and custom in-house apps all depend on Active Directory groups to determine who gets access and what they can do. This centralized control streamlines the authorization process, but it also creates a bottleneck and stress on the IT team when all changes have to be performed by Active Directory administrators or help desk staff.

Group Management Server provides a simple web interface for business managers to manage their own AD groups – all actions are fully audited and controls can be added to ensure managers only have access to the groups that they need.

  • Providing a self-service group management portal such as Thycotic’s Group Management Server has many benefits:

    • Reduce time spent by the help desk and expensive AD administrators.
    • Provide a faster resolution to the manager or employee’s request through self-service.
    • Reduce errors by keeping responsibility with the manager, who best understands their employee’s needs for access.