What our customers say about us

As long-standing experts in password security, we believe Secret Server is the best password management software for enterprises, and we’re reassured to see that our customers think so too.

From our easy setup and advanced password security features to excellent, USA-based support, our password manager has become a favorite for many reasons. Download our free 10-user trial and see for yourself why Secret Server really is the best password management software.

We purchase a lot of software and rarely do we find a product that works great and has great sales and support behind it too. We love Secret Server - it's a phenomenal product.

Kevin Carr, Director of Information Services Denton County, Texas

I have to be honest, I have been in the internet/PC game since the early 80's and if I had to rate a favourite tool, Secret Server would definitely get my vote for functionality and value for money. Even after the years I have been around PCs I can still count the GREAT software packages on one hand.

Nigel Crump, Director, D.S.S. Limited

Thanks for all your help and follow up, it is rare to get this level of support these days, so it is greatly appreciated.

Bruce Ghidella, Chief Information Officer, Eclipse Computing

We are extremely happy with the Secret Server application, specifically the ability to customize templates and control access at the record level. We maintain passwords for desktop admins as well as enterprise application owners and displaying passwords based on user function is a huge plus.

Kathryn Gomez, Senior Systems Engineer, Cathay Bank

I really appreciate functional software that does what it says it will do with a clean, simple interface and at a reasonable rate. My favorite features are the security, simplicity and quickness. Good job guys. I am a very happy customer.

Brian V. Jack, IT Consultant and Software Developer, J&R Consulting

I've been looking for a centralized password repository for a long time. Secret Server offers us the best price/feature ratio. Also, it's very important that I am able to audit user activity.

Bojan Zdrnja, Security Implementation Specialist, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

In Thycotic and Secret Server, we have found a group of dedicated developers that have created a small software that fulfills a huge security task !!

Claus Loeppenthien, System Administrator, Saxo Bank, Denmark

We evaluated several different products and found the Secret Server software to be an effective solution to password management. We continue to be impressed with the continual innovations in the product such as the recent Active Directory integration as well as the end user support we have received from Thycotic. Great product and a great company!

Erik Rynearson, CIO, TechAssist, Washington, DC

The product has been fantastic, it works as it should and it appears to be solid, not to mention that the support I have already received has been top notch. Thanks for everything!

Chris Asaro, Network Engineer, New England School of Law, Boston, Massachusetts

Going from a single user application and probably countless post-it notes to a fully managed, multi user system has allowed us not to worry about password management anymore. Our system now supports 90+ System Administrators, Analysts, Developers, and Contractors, all with different levels of visibility. I highly recommend this product; easy to implement and it just works.

Michael, Systems Engineer, Perkins Coie

Just wanted to let you know, your app is fantastic and we are very happy with it.

Ivan Dretvic, Technical Analyst Infrastructure, Blackmores

After reviewing the product, I am impressed! This is the first one that I have looked at that was simple to setup, simple to use, provides the security and encryption requirements that meet our standards and allows for exporting to Excel so that we can meet our internal disaster recovery requirements.

Chuck Saunders, Network Administrator, Kirkland, Washington

My current favorite feature is that Secret Server is web-based, which makes it easy to maintain for our users.

Dean Fiala, Chief Technology Officer, Celadon Laboratories, Hyattsville, MD

The Thycotic Support Team is really great. They do everything they can to help you resolve your problems. Yes, even on Sunday, you can count on their knowledge. I haven't found this anywhere else!

Alain Melsens, Publicity Department, Turbo's Hoet, France

Great product!

Nick Maxwell, Managing Director, Stellarise, London UK

Those sticky notes should hopefully be eliminated, and if you put the Secret Server installation itself on a secure server, you can stop worrying about things crossing the network in plain text. This has been especially nice in our case, with our development team distributed all over the place and customers scattered around as well.

Mike Gunderloy, Visual Basic MVP, Lead Developer, Lark Group Inc., Endicott, WA

Thanks as always for your prompt responses and assistance - it helps keeps us sane...

Chris Keeble, Pam Software, England