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Secret Server Online

Secure Cloud-based Password Management

Manage and protect your organization’s most vulnerable secrets: your privileged passwords.

With Secret Server password management software, you and your colleagues can control access to critical enterprise passwords in one centralized, web-based repository. Our online password manager offers permissioned users secure access to passwords and other privileged information.

Store, distribute, change and audit in a secure environment.

Manage and Organize

Create, share and manage enterprise passwords. Assign user permissions at any level and track password usage with full audit reports. Organize Secrets in intuitive, nested folders and do it all through a simple, customizable dashboard.

Enhanced Security

Add security to sensitive accounts with custom workflows for approval, DoubleLock for additional encryption, and detailed usage reports.

Disaster Recovery

Know your credentials are safe with Thycotic’s secure hosting. Secret Server Online’s database includes multiple DR features, is mirrored for redundancy, and allows you to do a full export to keep a hard copy backup in a vault or safe on site.

What’s the difference between Secret Server Online and Secret Server Installed? 
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Secret Server Online is for:

  • Small businesses that need to control hundreds of passwords.
  • Anyone who wants quick access to their passwords.
  • Professionals that are required to use strong passwords but can’t remember them.
  • Storing credit card information, product license keys, SSNs and whatever else you want kept secret.