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Licensing Overview

Secret Server comes in 3 editions. Professional Edition is available for purchase online. Enterprise Edition and Enterprise Plus Editions are available at upgrade pricing. The upgrade is simple, requiring only the purchase and application of a new license key. (The full functionality of Secret Server is in the initial download and installation.)

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Secret Server software and User Licenses are perpetual, one-time purchases. Each user (with a separate email address for login) must be associated with a valid User License.

Support Licenses require an annual subscription. All User Licenses must have an accompanying Support License in order for the account to be considered supported. Support provides access to all upgrades and new releases of Secret Server, and also allows access to technical support. If support lapses, it is required that renewal pricing include all lapsed time for coverage.

Our team of software engineers are available in our local office to assist with any issues, by phone or email, Monday through Friday, between 9am and 5:30pm Eastern time.

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  • For more information on licensing see Editions