Password Reset Server

Self-Service Password Reset Tool for End-users

Stop wasting your time doing password resets for employees.

Reduce calls to your Help Desk and let employees reset their own forgotten passwords through a series of secure questions and images, and even telephone verification.

Password Reset Server is an Active Directory password reset tool that simplifies and secures the password resetting process for non-technical end-users.

Enrollment Notifications

Administrators can encourage and track enrollment by sending reminders to end-users via email within the application

Phone Verification

Password Reset Server verfies user authenticity by calling the phone number that was registered for the user’s account, and providing a pin code.

Section 508 Compliant

Password Reset Server is accessible to people with disabilities as per Section 508 requirements.

Custom Security Policies

Trust-based security policies customize password reset procedures based on your Active Directory OU structure.

Windows Logon Integration

Our Windows Logon screen means end users initiate the password reset process from their workstation. Advanced security features confirm the user’s identity

Graphical Recognition

Image recognition provides an additional layer of security to authenticate end-users during the password reset process

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