Release Notes

Group Management Server Release Notes

Release Notes 1.3.000007

Main Focus: Group Provisioning

  • Users can now request group creation. Privileged users can also create groups.
  • The interval for active directory synchronization is now configurable.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where multiple audits could be written when a group was deleted in Active Directory.

Release Notes 1.3.000001

Main Focus: Group Membership Expiration

  • Group Owners can now specify a membership end date when adding users to a group, so users will get automatically removed from the group when their membership expires.
  • Users can add a reason for why they are requesting to join a group.
  • Group owners can specify a reason for why they are adding users to a group.
  • The wizards for adding and removing Group Owners and members got significant style reworks for a more streamlined workflow.

Release Notes 1.2.000006

Main Focus: Searching Enhancements

  • User Full Name and Group Description are now displayed in workflows and are searchable.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with Installer requiring internet access to complete.
  • Fixed issue with Installer not checking for .NET 4.0 runtime.
  • Fixed permission error on Group and User Audit Report.

Release Notes 1.2.000000

Main Focus: Group Renewal

  • Administrators can now set a Group Renewal Policy to force periodic review of Group Membership.
  • Added option to automatically synchronize the Group Owner from Active Directory.
  • Added grouping functionality on activity logs and reports to group the audits by activity type rather than time.
  • Added new icons for Groups and Users when searching.
  • Updated icons for adding and removing Groups and Users for additional usability and clarity.
  • Added Integrated Windows Authentication support for automatic login when user is already authenticated against AD.
  • Groups deleted in Active Directory are now made inactive.
  • Numerous minor cosmetic enhancements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed permission issue where group owner options were incorrectly displayed on home screen.
  • Fixed issue where a duplicate user could be created if the user was deleted and re-created in Active Directory.
  • Fixed issue where Groups Owned showed all groups for users with the Super Admin role permissions.
  • Fixed “Save to File” on Group and User Audit Report.
  • Fixed issues with resetting custom ports for the SMTP configuration.

Release Notes 1.1.000006

Main Focus: Usability and Auditing

  • Added the ability to export the Group and User Audit Report and all Activity logs to CSV.
  • Added Group Description to the Group Details, Join Group, Add Group Members, and My Groups pages.
  • Added an email alert for when Group membership is changed in AD after the initial synchronization.
  • Group Privacy Policy is now displayed in the Join Group, Leave Group, Add Group Members, and Remove Group Members wizards.
  • Approved and Denied Audit Records now show the user that approved or denied the request.
  • Added email address to User Detail page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error where a user could receive permissions through a disabled role.
  • Fixed issue where manually resetting the database connection through the DBConnnectionReset page could fail due to cache issues.
  • Fixed issue where users could be removed if the connection to AD was lost during the synchronization.

Release Notes 1.0.000189

Initial Release (after Beta completed)

  • Significant AD synchronization performance improvements.
  • Numerous aesthetic improvements.
  • New User and Group report.
  • Better support for AD’s natural group scope restrictions (for example -
    which users and groups can be added to Universal, Global and Domain Local groups).