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Self-Service AD Group Management Software for AD end-users and team leaders

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Save Time and Money on AD Group Management

Group Management Server is self-service Active Directory Group management software that enables IT administrators to delegate AD Group membership to your department managers. The software simplifies administration, streamlines individual tasks, and brings AD Group management into a centralized, secure dashboard.

This easy-to-use Active Directory management tool eliminates the time your IT team spends on AD Group membership changes by allowing your end users to make all changes within the fully audited tool.

A small change in how Groups are managed makes a big difference to your organization’s efficiency and bottom line.

What the Analysts Say:

IT organizations must place user experience at the forefront of the IT self-service strategy.

Gartner, Design IT Self-Service for the Business Consumer, February 2014

Group Management Server Architecture Diagram


An Enterprise-class solution for managing AD groups

Centralized Group Display

Manage Active Directory Groups in one central location. Gather information, view activity and reports, and configure Active Directory Group membership.

Self-Service Group Management

Your end users can make trackable changes to AD Group membership without involvement from IT. And our intuitive self-service format makes it easy!

Group Auditing

Increase accountability and accuracy, and achieve compliance mandates using the Active Directory audit feature to gain visibility into Group membership.

Role Based Access Control

Administrators control and configure who has access to different features within the software, and assign responsibilities based on end-user roles.

Group Security Policy

Extend the level of access control available to your end-users, when desired, by implementing Group Security Policy.

Group Reporting

Generate Group reports to view details of Group membership changes, Group owner status, or Group summaries. Get detailed reports to help meet compliance mandates.

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