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  • 29 JUL 11

Inheriting Permissions Based on Folders

Inheriting Permissions based on Folders It is possible for Secrets in Secret Server to inherit permissions from the folder where they are placed. For example, if you install a new managed switch in your network, instead of setting an Active Directory group or users for every network-based Secret, you set the Active Directory group or

  • 16 MAR 11

Selection/Dropdown fields on Secrets

Secret Server supports Selection/Dropdown fields but not many customers know about this feature.  In this example, you can capture the version of SQL Server as a dropdown field in your Secret. Selection fields can be created by editing a Secret Template and adding a new field (Administration | Secret Templates | Edit).  Then choose the

  • 15 MAR 11

Secret Server iPhone app does not use keychain

There have been some movies going around lately showing how to compromise an iPhone and reveal all the stored passwords in the Apple keychain in minutes. David from our engineering team talks about how the Secret Server password app for iPhone is not susceptible to this type of attack because it uses its own files

  • 14 MAR 11

Saved Searches in Secret Server Dashboard

A little known feature in the new dashboard is the ability to “save searches”.  I didn’t know about this until one of the engineers showed me … it isn’t exactly a saved search but it is close. Steps Drag the <All Folders> folder to the top to create a new tab. This will create a

  • 17 FEB 11

Sneak Peak: Dashboard

We will soon be releasing a new user interface as a replacement for the Home page, called “Dashboard”. Dashboard is a modern approach to displaying and managing data, one best described as an “interactive console” approach. Central to the idea of a “console” is the ability to drag and drop different components on the screen.

  • 08 JUL 10

Thycotic brings Password Management to TechEd Australia 2010

Thycotic brings Password Management to TechEd Australia 2010 Thycotic will be at Gold Coast, Australia next month exhibiting at TechEd Australia for the third year in a row. Stop by our booth and learn about how Secret Server integrates with RADIUS in version 7.0 . Are you responsible for end-user passwords? Ask to see a

  • 07 JUL 10

Sneak preview of the Secret Server app on Droid

Here is a movie showing the basic proof of concept application working on the Android Phone simulator. It demonstrates authenticating to Secret Server, pulling down a list of Secrets. Then adding a Secret Server using the web browser and seeing it appear in the app. This app should be available within 2-3 months.

  • 06 MAY 10

Folders are coming to the Secret Server iPhone app

Take a sneak peak at folder capabilities in the iPhone.

  • 05 MAY 10

Secret Server comes to the BlackBerry

Here are a few teaser screenshots of our new BlackBerry app that will be going into beta within the next two weeks. The initial beta will only support viewing of data (no adding or updating of Secrets) but the final release version will have adding/editing capability.

  • 23 JUN 09

Bringing Enterprise Password Management to the iPhone

While there are many iPhone password managers available for home and personal use, Secret Server Password Manager iPhone edition brings privileged password management to the IT professional. And it’s free! With an already-established password management platform, Secret Server iPhone provides the security and convenience needed for you to efficiently manage and track your organization’s most