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  • Secret Server comes to the BlackBerry

    Here are a few teaser screenshots of our new BlackBerry app that will be going into beta within the next two weeks. The initial beta will only support viewing of data (no adding or updating of Secrets) but the final release version will have adding/editing capability.

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  • Bringing Enterprise Password Management to the iPhone

    While there are many iPhone password managers available for home and personal use, Secret Server Password Manager iPhone edition brings privileged password management to the IT professional. And it’s free! With an already-established password management platform, Secret Server iPhone provides the security and convenience needed for you to efficiently manage and track your organization’s most

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  • The History of Searching in Secret Server

    [UPDATE 1/21/2010] Search term seperators no longer include period (as version 5.1). They are space, semi-colon, backslash, foward slash, and hypen. In the recent month, we’ve had a lot of questions about how searching works in Secret Server, so I thought now would be a good time to answer as many questions about searching as

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  • Sneak Peek: PuTTY Launcher

    One of a system administrator’s must-have items in his toolbox is PuTTY. PuTTY is a small, lightweight program that is perfect for telnet and SSH connections. It doesn’t require any installation, it’s just a single EXE file and you’re good to go. A feature of Secret Server that I personally have always found extremely useful

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  • Sneak Peek – Secret Server 5.0 and Searching Fields

    Secret Server 5.0 is currently under development, and one of the features that we know for sure that will be in 5.0 is searching Secret Fields. This has been a popular request. We had several obstacles to achieve this, and we have implemented a solution that is secure but effective. The search works by Secret

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  • Why does Secret Server take so long to start up?

    One of the things that we did notice with Secret Server is that it does take what seems to be a long time for Secret Server to start up for the first time. This started happening in Secret Server 4.0. So, what exactly is going on? Secret Server does some startup tasks for the first

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