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  • Password Reset Server: Remind Your Users to Enroll With a Logon Script

    Being a self-service password reset tool, Password Reset Server needs its end-users to enroll in the product by answering security questions. This can become a challenge if you want your users to begin changing their password immediately or if you are having difficulty getting users to respond to the enrollment reminders. Password Reset Server offers

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  • Are You Using One Time Passwords?

    Secret Server can easily be configured so that end users do not have to see the password to make use of a resource, such as logging onto a remote server. Using Hide Launcher Password, Secret passwords can be hidden from users, forcing them to use a Launcher to access the machine or device. This makes

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  • 3 Ways Secret Server will Enhance your Identity Access Management Strategy

    It’s important to have an Identity Access Management (IAM) strategy, whether you are trying to meet a compliance standard such as PCI, SOXS or FIPS, or you just want accountability for what is going on throughout your network. Secret Server has many ways that it can help administrators accomplish this. In this article, we will

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  • Reduce Help Desk Calls with Password Reset Server

    Any help desk or system administrator will tell you that their company spends much more time resetting end-user passwords then they should. Constant calls to the help desk for this simple yet urgent problem eat a lot IT’s time that could be spent working on other projects and support issues. To help alleviate this problem,

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  • Don’t miss our monthly webinars!

    Every month, Thycotic hosts a webinar to explore new features, technical integrations and best practices. Last week we discussed a fairly new feature added to Secret Server version 8.3, which has expanded the list of web password changers. Secret Server can now change passwords on Windows Live, Google and Amazon accounts. This means you can

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  • Increase Security Scanning Capability with Secret Server

    Today, we’re going to talk a little about improving security scans as a precursor to our upcoming webinar with Qualys on Nov. 5 at 1:00 p.m. EST (register here). Every network administrator spends part of their working hours checking their network for vulnerabilities. This may be done manually, but if using a tool, the most

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