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Technical Product Updates and Industry Trends

  • Secret Server Copy-To-Clipboard for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

    The Mozilla Firefox add-on and the extension for Google Chrome allows values from Secret Server to be copied directly to the clipboard. This allows for ease of access when a user needs to apply information from Secret Server to other locations, however, clipboards generally do not clear the data that was copied. How do you

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  • New Webinar – Easily Manage and Secure all your Windows local administrator passwords

    Use discovery to quickly find all your local Windows administrator accounts – import them into the Secret Server vault (even if you don’t know the current password). Then set a schedule (30, 90 days etc.) for regular password changing and never worry about those passwords again. Whenever a sysadmin needs a password, they just come

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  • SOX Compliance on external systems using PowerShell scripts in Secret Server

    A critical component of many compliance mandates such as SOX, HIPAA, and PCI is guaranteeing that user activity is audited. Secret Server maintains an internal audit trail for user actions and access to shared privileged accounts, but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that external systems maintain their own audits. After several customer requests, Secret Server can

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  • Webinar: Secret Server Web Password Filler

    Sign up for the webinar here. We will be covering: the typical use cases http versus https CAPTCHA on login changing form bindings limitations how to tell us about websites with issues general Q & A If you can’t make it at that time, we will also be recording the webinar. Sign up for the

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  • Devolution’s Remote Desktop Manager integrates with Secret Server

    Thycotic Software would like to thank our technology partner, Devolutions, for recently integrating their Remote Desktop Manager with Secret Server. Remote Desktop Manager’s integration with Secret Server enables you to launch your remote access applications easily and securely without knowing the credentials. By using our publicly available Secret Server API, Remote Desktop Manager is able

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  • Launching Batch Files in Secret Server

    A feature that was introduced in Secret Server 8.0 was the ability for the launcher to launch a batch script that is stored in Secret Server. This is useful when a custom launcher needs to be able to start multiple processes. For example, to create a custom launcher that starts an SSH tunnel program then

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