• Secret Server iOS 7 Mobile App Upgrade

    As iOS users may have noticed, our Secret Server app received an upgrade with the recent release of iOS 7. The most noticeable sign the app was upgraded is a fresh user interface. However, there are a few other aspects of the latest update that are worth highlighting.

    View & Edit Restricted Secrets
    Previously, users could not view restricted Secrets from the mobile app. Now, Secrets that have the advanced security settings Require Comment, Require Approval and CheckOut are also accessible from your mobile device.

    Require Comment_iOS app update post_2013

    Require Comment

    Require Approval

    Require Approval



    When viewed through the mobile app, Secrets that require a comment will receive an audit entry called WEBSERVICEVIEWCOMMENT to help differentiate comments in the audit log:

    ViewWebserviceView_iOS app update post_2013

    These restricted Secrets will not be cached. Therefore, a user must re-enter information after a 5-minute period (for Require Comment) or when the approval period ends (for Require Approval and CheckOut).

    More Information

    If you don’t yet use the mobile app and/or would like more information, please see the following articles in our Knowledge Base:

    Using the iOS 7 Mobile App with Secret Server Installed Edition

    Using the iOS 7 Mobile App with Secret Server Online

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