Curious about new Thycotic features and security trends? Join us for our weekly webinars. Each Thursday we bring in thought leaders, industry experts, security architects and more to discuss what’s going on in IT security and how to make the most out of using Thycotic solutions.

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Upcoming Webinars:

Thursday – Sept 4th

1:00 PM EDT

Basic Introduction to Secret Server- Overview and Repository Features / Password Changing

This webinar will cover the high-level architecture of Secret Server, as well as the bulk of the repository features (shared access, permissions, launchers, etc.) and password changing functionality.

Thursday – Sept 25th

1:00 PM EDT

Secret Server- Security Hardening

Come join Ben Yoder and Kevin Jones as they discuss Secret Server security best practices. They will dive into application configuration for Secret Server, demonstrate options for two factor authentication and much more. *featured*