The Anatomy of a Hacker

BlackHat 2014 Hacker Survey Executive Report

What makes today’s hackers tick?

Understanding why hackers do what they do is the first step toward better protecting your sensitive data from unsanctioned access. What motivates a hacker – is it money, fame, or the thrill of the chase? Do they believe they will ever face repercussions? And more importantly, which employees within a company do they believe are the best targets for their activities? Thycotic recently conducted a survey of 127 self-identified “black hat” hackers at Black Hat USA 2014 to find out.

Check out the highlights of the Thycotic Black Hat 2014 Survey in our infographic below, and download the free executive summary for more information.

BlackHatInfographic html

Download the full BlackHat 2014 Hacker Survey Executive Report to learn more